WWE 2K18 hands on: My Career

Here is my first take on the My Career Mode.

After two months I debuted in a match vs. Mark Henry on RAW which was my first loss.

Before getting there I did enjoy my time on NxT but was too short. It felt that I was given a title shot too soon. I know some people complained of it being too long last time but this is way too quick. Although most of the things that happened felt pretty random when you get to side quests the main story was well done.

It felt like you are beating opponents which are way higher than you too easy. Matches were pretty close but not too complicated. It could have been longer. Barely met any of the NxT roster. I would have expected more challenging title match.

If you haven’t heard by now, there’s lots of loading screens. WWE 2K17 made a better job here. Here’s the basic flow:

  1. Loading screen.
  2. Walk in Backstage. (some interactions will take you to menu screens requiring loading screens in and out).
  3. Interact with people on the back. Most have generic things to say and are really a waste of time unless the objective is talking with them.
  4. Talk with Corbin to get started.
  5. Loading screen.
  6. Show crowd and the arena prior to the match.
  7. Loading screen.
  8. Match.
  9. Loading screen.
    Go to parking lot and ask for your car to end the day.
  10. Loading screen.

As you can guess that gets old soon. Hopefully the loading times are better on the pro console.

Besides those issues the career is very enjoyable. I was expecting it to be more challenging. Usually opponents have 3 and 4 counter slots and you only 2. Feels like they don’t use them.

When they did was on my match with Henry countering my trademark. That left me unable to counter him watching how he dismantled me.

Not sure why loading my videos to YouTube is failing. Need to figure out why.

Again, this has been a very brief exposure to the mode. Great start, but a lot to work on for next one.

Published by Javy Dreamer

Wrestling fan since I was a kid when my grandfather used to take me to local wrestling. Grew at home watching his videos from various Wrestlemania learning later that he was a wrestler himself on his prime! Video game lover as well as nature, programming and gardening. Weird combination :P

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