WWE 2K18 hands on: Royal Rumble

By now you probably heard about everything that’s wrong with the game, which IMO is not as bad as other years, so here I’ll breakdown the positives of my brief game time

I have to say this is the best and most entertaining Royal Rumble match I’ve had ever. Having up to 8 wrestlers at the same time combined with new rollout during the match (where wrestlers get themselves under the ropes when hit hard) and new Elimination mechanics led to the most realistic look and feel ever! 2K must feel really proud about it.

Heres a look at the new eliminations.

I forgot to record the one I played with my younger son but this should give you a pretty good idea.

While they fix the bugs reported around, enjoy the great Gameplay gem we have here. Granted it needs some work for it to really shine, but we’ll get there.

Published by Javy Dreamer

Wrestling fan since I was a kid when my grandfather used to take me to local wrestling. Grew at home watching his videos from various Wrestlemania learning later that he was a wrestler himself on his prime! Video game lover as well as nature, programming and gardening. Weird combination :P

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