WWE 2K18 first screenshot is out and it’s great!

I’m sorry, but if you don’t see the difference from other versions of the game you just are overdue for your eye exam.

The difference it’s more than obvious. Sorry Nintendo Switch, you won’t even get last year graphics.

This is not the first time screenshot from a game look amazing. Most times they end up being CGI for some type of video or something, this time I’m sure it isn’t. It’s obviously part of Seth’s entrance.

It’s this enough to say this will be an awesome game? Not in hell. We saw last year some models being low grade to say the least. Just take a look.

With such a big roster can they deliver on all models? Well have to wait and see.

This is just a small piece of the puzzle but it’s heading on the right direction.

Hopefully we start seeing roster reveals and Gameplay videos soon enough.


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